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Email: chair@hd39b.com Phone: 651-246-8574 Birthday: 12/22/1978 About Mark Born on December 22, 1978 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Mark grew up with three brothers in Onalaska, Wisconsin. During his years growing up, Mark learned of the importance of a strong family, hard work and faith from his parents, Don and Mary. Family and Community He married Jennifer in 2002 and is the father of three children – Grace (6), Connor (4) and Eleanor (1). His two oldest children attend public schools in Inver Grove Heights. Mark, a high school football coach for nearly 10 years, believes in community involvement and passed on several opportunities to coach football at other schools in the metro, for a chance to coach in his own community. Mark and Jen attend St. Patrick's church in Inver Grove Heights and have been involved in organizing the childrens games for the Fall Festival. He has also organized several community outreach events, such as multiple teddy bear drives, a benefit for a teacher with Hodgkin’s disease,  and a softball tournament and silent auction with proceeds going to the Children’s Miracle Network. He also has served as president of the Glendale Townhome Association since January 2009. Education Mark graduated with a bachelor's degree in history with a minor in geography in 2008 from the University of Minnesota and entered the Masters of Education Program at the U of M with a letter of recommendation written by former U.S. Vice President, Walter Mondale. Mark met the former vice president while enrolled in a course entitled Constitutional Crisis. He is licensed to teach middle school and high school social studies He also holds an Associates Degree in Graphic Design from Western Technical College in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Career As a social studies teacher at Battle Creek Middle School in St. Paul, Mark is dedicated to ensuring that his students understand the importance of educational opportunities in and outside of school. His courses stress the importance of providing evidence, keeping an open mind and historical perspective. He is a member of the Grading Task Force and is a WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) Leader, a program which teaches students how to become leaders inside the school as well as in their community. Politics Mark is currently the Chair of the House District 39B Republicans and the Deputy Lead of the Minnesota Republicans BPOU Chairs Caucus. Mark has served as a co-communications director for his local BPOU (39B), as well as a vice chair, and state delegate. He was also a guest of the Minnesota Delegation at the Republican National Convention held in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2008. Mark served as the campaign manager for Minnesota House candidate Terry Pearson. Despite different party affiliations, Mark took heart to the book Vice President Mondale wrote while serving in the U.S. Senate, "The Accountability of Power," and believes that accountability and responsibility need to be restored to the Minnesota state House. Follow the House District 39B Republicans on Facebook (Hd39b Republicans) and check out www.hd39b.com for information about how to become more involved with your local party and upcoming events.
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