Farmington Goalie Throws Game, Flips Off Coaches, Leaves Ice Forever: Pick of Our Patches

A senior at Farmington High School hit the puck into his own goal during a hockey game Tuesday before flipping off his coaches and skating off the ice.

A senior goaltender at Farmington High School ended his hockey career in dramatic fashion Tuesday by intentionally hitting the puck into his own goal, flipping off his coaches and saluting the crowd before skating off the ice in resignation.

Tuesday's game against Chaska was only Austin Krause's ninth start in 23 games, Deadspin reported, and Krause was upset that a sophomore had taken over his position.

There was "a season-long competitive feud mostly between goaltenders and their families," the hockey blog Follow the Puck wrote on Twitter.

Krause had been upset with coaches and planning on quitting the whole season, said Farmington student Rachel Markuson. "It was just a matter of how and when."

Krause's revenge came with three minutes left in the game (the sophomore, Gage Overby, was injured). Krause's goal tied the score at 2-2, and Chaska scored an additional goal to win.

Farmington High School gave Krause an official ten-day suspension, Follow the Puck posted on Twitter.


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