Primary 2012: Voting Info for Mendota Heights Area

Take a look at what you'll find on the ballot Tuesday, Aug. 14.

Voters in Mendota Heights, Mendota and Lilydale will head to the polls Tuesday for primary elections.

For partisan races, the purpose of the State Primary is to determine the candidate from each party who will advance to the State General Election on Nov. 6. Voters must only vote for candidates from one party. 

For nonpartisan races, the purpose is to determine the two candidates who will be placed on the November ballot.

No local races are on this year’s primary ballot. There are no races related to the District 197 School District this year. Any state or congressional race with one candidate from each party forgoes primary ballots.

Polling Locations:

Sample Ballots:

Voters will be able to vote for candidates in the following races: 

U.S. Senate

Independence Party

Stephen Williams

Glen R. Anderson Menze

Republican Party

David Carlson

Bob Carney Jr.

Kurt Bills


Darryl Stanton

Jack Edward Shepard

Amy Klobuchar

Dick Franson


U.S. Representative District 2


David Gerson



State Representative Dist. 52A (Mendota, Lilydale, Mendota Heights precincts 1, 2, 3)




Chief Justice Supreme Court


Jill Clark

Dan Griffith


Associate Justice Supreme Court 4


Alan Nelson

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