Mendota Heights Traffic Safety Requests OK'd

A safer crossing at Lexington and Victoria Curve is among approved changes to traffic and pedestrian crossings.

Several changes in traffic control throughout the city were approved Tuesday night at as a result of requests by residents, including one request made by a Brownie troop.

The city’s traffic safety committee (TSC) meets periodically to consider requests. They provided a series of recommendations to the city council based off of their review. 

For the full committee report, see the attached PDF.

Actions Recommended:

  • A request for a four-way stop at James Road and Douglas Road made by a Brownie troop and resident Melissa Brown will instead result in an additional yield sign on the southeast corner of the intersection.
  • A request to provide a safe crossing for residents walking across Lexington Avenue to reach and could result in a median to create a halfway point. The median will eliminate the left turn lane from southbound Lexington Avenue onto Victoria Curve, which could affect Mendota Elementary traffic. The city will request the project be placed on the county's 2013-2017 Capital Improvement Plan.
  • A request by the to prohibit parking on the north side of Pueblo Lane would reduce the number of pedestrians crossing the street from between vehicles. The TSC recommended notifying property owners affected and reviewing the recommendation at a future city council meeting.
  • The police department will be gathering more information on speeds in the Summit neighborhood off of Highway 13.

No Action Recommended:

  • The TSC reported that a concern for speeds and pedestrian safety along Sylvandale Road is mostly limited to sharp curves, which act to slow drivers down naturally.
  • Kensington resident Phill Stephan requested a 30-foot no-parking zone on Concord Way at Heritage Drive to relieve some congestion when the park is busy and to improve safety. An earlier request from the neighborhood wished to reduce speed limits. Because reducing parking would likely increase speeds, the TSC has recommended that the neighborhood homeowner associations determine which solution they would prefer and resubmit a request.
  •  A request for a traffic light at Dodd Road and Wagon Wheel Trail was made by resident Heidi McEllistrem. She said in her request that it would make it easier for bike traffic to cross. Dodd Road is under the jurisdiction of the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Public Works Director John Mazzitello said a conversation with a local MnDOT official was not encouraging due to the disparity in traffic volume between the two roads. 

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