Mendota Heights Landscaper Faces Backlash from Vote Yes Support

The owner of a Mendota Heights landscaping business has received hate mail for his support of a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

Stan Genadek, the owner of Genadek Landscaping and Excavation and a vocal supporter of the proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, has been receiving hate email from opponents of the amendment, CBS Minnesota is reporting.

“They usually read ‘I hope your business fails’ or ‘You’re a close-minded bigot,’” Genadek told CBS. “I’ve received a few that say ‘I hope you die.’”

CBS Minnesota has more on its website:

For the first time, Genadek is wading into the dangerous waters of mixing business and politics. He supports the Minnesota’s Constitutional amendment that recognizes marriage as solely between one man and one woman.

“My stance is the government needs to stay out of the decision,” Genadek said. “I believe gays and lesbians should have all of the same rights, but it shouldn’t be defined by that word in a religious context. If government starts telling religious leaders how to treat gay marriage, what else could they force onto them?”

Genadek labels himself a supporter of gay rights — he’s proud to call a number of gays and lesbians customers. He would support civil unions ’100 percent’ — just nothing with the word marriage attached to it.

Genadek has beat back the backlash, responding to every negative email he receives. It’s an often futile effort to explain his position to his opponents.

“I just wish people would talk to me about it rationally,” Genadek said. “I want to tell people (they) are pigeon-holing me into something that I’m not — I’m not a gay-hater. Just because you back an issue doesn’t mean you back it for the reasons they think you do.”

Anna Pytynia October 12, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Stephanie, marriage is not a civil right. Nancy, no Stan should not be happy that is only what happened. That is insanity...who mails hate letters when you dont agree with an issue...hmmm lets see psychos that obviously take it personal and do not believe in the system of voting....unfortunately these are the people..yes they are......that support gay marriage...next, are we to support a new fetish or sexual perversion as a right too....?yes, we all have the right to do want we want sexually in our bedroom....you do not see hetrosexuals saying they need to have posters in the school saying it is o.k to be straight.....this is out of control...it is being pushed down the throats of everyone...leave it alone and let it be because once people start to define what is in the place of society (in all societies) where men and women create families and give incentives to a community and state as reproducing in the natural definition, there will be problems...usually it is the outcasts, the outsiders, and the ones purposing the radical or abnormal states that have to become so volatile and agressive in their behavior and purpose because being sensible and rational does not win the argument. They obviously are the ones with the hate built up inside of them......Well, I'd hate to have the kids being coached or taught by those members of society....i'd rather have my lawn landscaped
Lorri Barnett October 12, 2012 at 03:04 AM
There are all sorts of people who have babies every day that aren't married. Marriage is a construct by people, not nature. Additionally, why is everyone going to great lengths to define a word in the MN Constitution that currently over 50% of all "marriages"...deemed marriages "by law" have failed? I'd rather see two people happy and "not married (by law)" than two people who aren't happy and "married (by law)." I don't need the state to "bless" my marriage and neither should you. My marriage is between my husband, myself, and our God...no one else. When a group of people use the government to force other people to follow or adhere to their religious beliefs its called legislating morality...and it doesn't work.
Lorri Barnett October 12, 2012 at 03:08 AM
Don, should people's right to marry be up for a public vote? There is nothing about someone else's "marriage" that deserves your opinion or interest. Of all the places that we look to for moral leadership, it sure as heck isn't the government.
Eloise Swanson October 16, 2012 at 07:40 PM
Ellie Swanson I just had my over 50 son in the hosipital and they needed an OK for a procedure they wanted to do. I would have had to sign for it as his partner of 17 years could not. Is this OK? I don't think so.
Donald Lee October 16, 2012 at 09:12 PM
Different people have very different opinions on this. Parents sometimes go to court to insist on regaining "custody" of children that they believe were "abused" by spouses. Custom on this has been arrived at over many generations. We should not be so quick to cast aside that wisdom.


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