It's Time to Review Mendota Heights' Snow and Parking Policies

The possibility of the first measurable snowfall of the season is in the forecast for this weekend.

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With the possibility of the first measurable snowfall of the season in the forecast for this weekend, it’s a prime opportunity review Mendota Heights’ parking and snow removal regulations and guidelines.

The following is from the city’s website:

• From Nov. 1 to March 31, no vehicles may park on the street between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. (Ordinance 6-2-2-H) Violators most likely will be cited.
• When it snows more than two inches, Mendota Heights will issue a Snow Emergency and vehicles need to be off the street until your street is plowed full-width (does not matter if it is day or night).  (Ordinance 6-2-4)
• Violators will most likely be cited and towed.
• From April 1 to Oct. 31, you may park as many cars as you like on the street as long as they move once every 24 hours.
• Violators will generally be cited.

• On street or public property call 9-1-1
• In yard or driveway call 651-452-1850 and ask for Code Enforcement.

• Homeowners can legally park up to four cars in the driveway (you can not park on your lawn).  The cars must be in running condition and currently licensed.
While it is not very nice to block a mailbox, it is not illegal.
• Leaving construction supplies or dumpsters in the street fall under the same regulations as vehicles.  

The police department is responsible for enforcing the parking ordinances on public roadways.  For more detailed information regarding Mendota Heights parking ordinances, click on the link below and navigate to Title 6, Chapter 2.


• Residents are responsible for clearing their own driveways and around mailboxes, newspaper tubes and fire hydrants adjacent to their property.
• Areas for trash cans should be established at least 8 feet from the curb line.
• State law advises that pushing/blowing snow from driveways and sidewalks onto public roads may be punishable as a misdemeanor.
• Mailboxes should be secure enough to withstand the snow coming off of the plow and wing.

Lowell Chapin December 31, 2012 at 03:41 PM
I would like the City of Mendota Heights to review the following snow removal item. I would like to suggest that snow falling on private property stay on the same property and not pushed across the street. Also, removed snow may not to be any closer than five feet from the curb. This allows space for the snow that falls onto the street. This improves visibility and therefore safety. This minimizes damage to lawns, sprinkler systems, and buried cables. This reduces the amount of snow the city plow leaves in driveways. This allows easier access to mail boxes for the carrier as well as the residents. Thank you.
George Singer January 01, 2013 at 09:55 PM
How would they would get the snow no closer than five feet from the curb?


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