Mendota Heights Police Reserves Earn President's Volunteer Service Award

The Reserve Unit more than doubled their hours volunteered from 2010 to 2011.

The Reserve Officer program has become an active addition to the department and the city, providing 3,361 recorded hours of service in 2011.

That total is more than double the recorded , the second year of the program's recent revival.

Seven reserve officers were presented with Presidential Service Awards Tuesday night at the Mendota Heights City Council meeting based on their volunteer hours with the city.

Three of those honored received the award last year as well. 

Reserve officers are non-licensed volunteers who provide support services to the department. 

Residents can see reserve officers working at community events, helping with perimeter security and working as an extra set of eyes and ears on patrol. They do not carry weapons and do not have arrest powers. 

Sgt. Brian Convery told the Tuesday night that the reserves made a big impact in 2011 by providing transport services to the department, including driving suspects to Dakota County jail in Hastings and bringing stranded motorists home.

"This group has the right motives—they’re here for the right reasons, and they do a wonderful job," said Reserve Captain Jerry Murphy. 

Murphy attributed the success of the program to the support of the city, the police department and Convery specifically, who Murphy said mentors reserves, invests extra time into the program and is responsible for their equipment.

Convery was also presented with a plaque from the reserves for his contributions.

The Presidential Service Award recipients received a certificate, a lapel pin and a letter from the office of President Barack Obama. Their names will also be added to a plaque in the department.

Presidential Gold

Randy Pentel—1,537 hours

Presidential Silver

Jeff Parker—287 hours

Jim Knox—431 hours

Becky Pentel—332 hours

Presidential Bronze

Jerry Murphy—219 hours

Jesse Mettner—192 hours

George Castillo—171 hours

Jerrod Spicer—139 hours


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Michelle Parker May 03, 2012 at 03:50 AM
Thank you for giving the reserve officers due recognition. You did forget to mention Silver - Jeffrey Parker as one of the officers. I'm partial as I'm married to this dedicated reservist!!!
Danielle Cabot May 03, 2012 at 04:28 AM
Thanks, Michelle! I'm sorry for the oversight.


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