Lilydale, Moose Country Owner Pursue Settlement

The city could also review part of its liquor ordinance in the process.

The city of Lilydale is working on a settlement with the owner of bar related to a number of fights that broke out last Christmas after bar close.

 Police say they observed alcohol still present on tables when they arrived after 2 a.m.

The city’s criminal attorney, Tom Lehmann, filed a misdemeanor charge in February against Joe Schaefer, who also owns the Wild Onion in St. Paul. The charge indicates that by allowing alcohol to be present or “on display” after hours, Schaefer violated his liquor license, and thus city ordinance. Violation of a city ordinance is a misdemeanor.

That would also result in a violation of the city’s best practices agreement with liquor establishments.

Schaefer pleaded not guilty in May.

Lehmann told the Monday that he expects a settlement to be prepared by the end of the year.

Schaefer’s lawyer, Michael Black, said a settlement will bypass the public airing of a court trial and the expense to both parties for what he described as an “uncertain result.”

The ongoing discussion and a settlement may also bring a change to the city’s ordinance, which Lehmann told the council is stricter than that of surrounding communities.

In places such as St. Paul, once 2 a.m. rolls around there is a “grace period” of about a half hour for patrons to finish their drinks and leave, said Lehmann.

In Lilydale’s ordinances, there is no such grace period.

“It’s a concern that came up when the enforcement actions were started because the ordinance is written in unclear language, and it also is enforced in a manner that is at odds with past practice in Lilydale and with the practice used by other surrounding municipalities,” said Black.

 Lehmann said that the police department will have a say in any changes to the ordinance both for enforcement reasons as well as scheduling.

MikeL November 18, 2011 at 01:27 PM
Did anyone ever hear how the sexual harassment suits against them were resolved? I think there were at least two separate lawsuits.
Tom Gergen November 18, 2011 at 05:47 PM
There needs to be a grace period. It makes no scence to serve alcohol until 2:00am and at the same time require all beverages be removed from the table at the exact same time.
Kats90 November 19, 2011 at 03:42 PM
Make sure you take a photograph of the menu, as the prices are not the same as what they charge you. And if you do question it "the manager", he brings some other sheet & gets huffy when you ask to see the menu you ordered off of, butt makes sure to tell you, "that he cares if he is handeling it wrong, as it is HIS family business!" It was a difference of over $3 for two of our 3 meals plus charging $1 for the smallest half filled cup of ranch dressing I have ever seen!! Food was ok, but not worth what they end up charging you, nor the hassle that goes with asking about the difference. Bate & switch cheepskates is what I say!!
Ashton Mitch February 21, 2013 at 09:48 PM
I had a similar experience with the owners son (the manager) the service there is poor at best and the food is worse... My family own bars as well and we don't treat our customers in that manner, but like father like son.


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