Lightning Blamed for Mendota Heights Home Fire

A strike of bad luck occurred near Henry Sibley High School Monday afternoon.

A bolt of lightning is the likely cause of a house fire near Monday afternoon.

Homeowner Jackie Hanson said she, her daughter and grandchild were in the home at 592 Sibley Court when the lightning struck, a sound she described as “metal on metal. It was so loud.”

According to Fire Chief John Maczko, fire damage was contained to the attic but a back bedroom and bathroom were also damaged in the course of fighting the fire.

No one was injured.

The Dakota Communications Center (DCC) received a call shortly before 2:30 p.m. reporting the fire. It took about an hour to put the fire out and ensure that no lingering flames were left in the structure.

Maczko said it’s typical to get one house fire a year due to lightening, “but it’s been a few years since we’ve had a fire with a lightning strike. It’s not uncommon, especially with the intense lightning we had.”

Responders feared when they arrived at the scene that a home next door had also caught on fire due to where the smoke had blown.

Eagan and South Metro fire departments provided additional support.


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