Driver Charged in Crash that Took St. Louis Park Man's Leg

A Minneapolis man is facing charges of criminal vehicular homicide after killing one man and injuring two others, including Keith Barnes of St. Louis Park, in a December 2011 crash.

Keith Barnes was just trying to help. 

After seeing a rollover accident on Interstate 94 in St. Paul on that fateful day in December of 2011, Barnes left his vehicle to assist the driver, 21-year-old Alicia Kaufenberg of Michigan. 

According to police records, Barnes and another man, Marcus Andary, tried to help Kaufenberg get out through her window as the car came to rest on the left shoulder. Less than two minutes after the crash, however, Eugene Farrell barrelled into the scene, killing Andary and crushing the legs of Kaufenberg and Barnes. 

Wednesday, the 63-year-old Farrell of Minneapolis was charged with two counts of criminal vehicular homicide and four counts of criminal vehicular operation as a result of the accident, according to an article in today's St. Paul Pioneer Press

According to St. Paul Police records and a criminal complaint, Farrell told first responders he had been drinking on the night of Dec. 18, 2011. He was tested, and his blood alcohol was measured at 0.09, slightly about the state's legal limit of 0.08. 

Barnes lost his left leg. He walks now with a prosthetic, according to the Pioneer Press. He said he doesn't hold any hard feelings against Farrell for the crash. He has not returned to his career as a barber. 


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