Share Your Same-Sex Marriage Story on Patch

Same-sex couples can get married in Minnesota beginning Aug. 1.
Same-sex couples can get married in Minnesota beginning Aug. 1.

It's the day that many Minnesotans have been waiting for. On Aug. 1, judges around the state will do something they've never done: officiate weddings between same-sex couples. 

If you're knee-deep in wedding plans, or if you know a happy couple who will finally tie the knot, consider sharing the story on Patch. As a community website, we're only as good as the content we, and our readers, provide. We'd love to document the historic day. But we can't do it alone. 

Writing your story or thoughts on Patch is easy. Just join Patch at the top of the page. After you're logged in, scroll down and click the "start blogging" button. Create a blog profile and write your post. 

Are you worried about posting to Patch? Don't be! Contact Community Editor Val Engler at val.engler@patch.com. 


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