Letter to the Editor: Nobody Will Remember What You Said in Two Years ...

Will elected officials count on their constituents to remember their “promises and performances” and hold them accountable? Or do they hope voters will forget?

Dear Editor:

Election Day is upon us. I look for candidates whose ideals most coincide with my values and will vote those same convictions. Will they count on their constituents to remember their “Promises and Performances” and hold them accountable? Or do they hope voters will forget?

Joe Atkins said, and must believe, that people won’t remember from one campaign cycle to the next. However, some of us do. We continue to pay for his “Performances AND his Promises.”

For example:

As mayor, Atkins credits himself for building amenities “with no taxpayer dollars.” Despite cost cuts, the VMCC/Aquatic Center still loses nearly $500,000/year.  

Joe uses Target as an example of “streamlining tax codes and regulation.” Target started building and stopped due to the bad economy. IGH gave the developer $1million to get Target to finish their own job! 

I received an urgent email from Atkins’s campaign in October. Asking for money ASAP to allow him to “set the record straight” regarding his opponent’s challenges to his voting record, violating Joe’s own commitment to not accept contributions during breast cancer awareness month.

Atkins has already raised $65,000, and has spent nearly to the limit allowed. I was shocked to learn 42% of his donations go to “non-campaign expenditures;” including $5,800 on dinners/food and $3,200 on cell phones. Yet he “needs” more?

Joe has a reputation of being “nice.” In fact, he will often agree with you. We remember well the genial conversation, but have you ever checked to see how he voted?

I'm supporting Paul Tuschy in his “David vs. Goliath” battle against the entrenched, well funded, Atkins. Paul’s message of “personal liberty and freedom to prosper” brings new hope for a new day. Now that is something worth remembering.

Dian Piekarski

Terry Pearson November 06, 2012 at 07:54 PM
Dian, I wholeheartedly agree. Mr. Atkins has a consistent record of lies, not only about legislative action, but to his donors as well. I recently received an email from Joe Atkins, claiming that Paul Tuschy was holding $1000 a couple fundraisers, and that Mr. Atkins needed to raise funds to combat the "lies." Unfortunately, the only lies were those spewed by Joe Atkins himself. I attended that fundraiser. Paul Tuschy asked for $20 a person if they could afford it, but was quite sincere in saying that nobody should be turned away from the fundraiser due to lack of money. Paul understands the financial strain we all have been under the last several years. Mr Atkins, on the other hand, only understands the power that his manipulative correspondence has had on his constituents. (continued on next comment...)
Terry Pearson November 06, 2012 at 07:55 PM
(...continued from previous comment) When I ran against Joe Atkins a couple years ago, we were mainly getting $20 to $50 donations from locals. We had a couple fundraisers, but even then we were more interested in open access than the money generated. Nobody was turned away due to lack of funds. Yet, Joe Atkins sent the same sobbing plea to his constituents. "Donate to me because this guy is raising thousands at a time." This was a bold faced lie. I wonder how many more of these Joe has said that nobody has questioned. The truth is Mr. Atkins is the candidate of big money. Paul Tushy is the candidate of the common man. Mr. Atkins spent more on food, cars, and toys (i.e. cell phone) than any of his previous opponents spent on their entire campaign. I hope his donors feel taken advantage of, because they should. And so should the voters if this man is allowed to stay in office.


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