Best of Mendota Heights Craigslist: Foam Scraps and a Polaroid Camera

What's Mendota Heights selling on the web between Oct. 3 and Oct. 9?

We take a look at the best Mendota Heights ads on Craigslist. From the strange to the collectible to the helpful, we bring together these ads and more.

Find your own use...

Foam scraps - $5

See photo for approx. sizes. These are scraps left over from projects, so recently purchased (last six months) and never used in anything. The two pieces on the left are 1" thick and the other three are 2" thick.

***I found another piece I'm adding to the mix*** - this one is 4"x4"x22" and is a very nice piece of foam. This piece alone, wholesale, is worth $5.

I do have cats at my house, though they have not had regular contact with the pieces.

Do you have an avian inclination?

Bird Cage and Play Stand - $200

Birdcage on stand with wheels; includes toys, etc. Playstand also with wheels. Both in excellent condition--Beige powder coated finish. $250-300 each new. Asking $200.00 for the pair.

For navigating the neighborhood

Schwinn - $200

great condition. there is a sticker on it that says mendota hieghts schwinn hwy 110. dont know to much about it other than it was my uncles that he had bought a while ago for a few hundred dollars and had used it as a touring bike.

Living room decor

Large live Jade plant - $34

38" high beautiful Jade plant in decorative pot. Very healthy. Would be ideal for a large area.

Woven baskets

Longaberger Baskets - $85

Two Longaberger baskets for sale. I purchased them from my sister when she sold them. They are basically "new" as I never really used them. I only wanted to help my sister. There are no kids, pets or smoking in my home.

One is what I call a "magazine size" basket. It has 2 handles, and it is 11 inches tall, 15 and 1/2 inches wide, and 8 inches across. The little "booklet" that came with it says "Magazine Basket 12106." $50

The other is 9 and 1/2 inches tall and 7 and 3/4 inches across the round top. It has 2 bands of red running around it. One is around the very top, and the other is in the middle. It also has a plastic insert that allows it to be used as a flower vase, and I have a floral cloth liner (pinks, yellows, reds, greens). $35

Magical picture machine

Antique Polaroid camera - $10

polaroid camera includes case and original papers.


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