Vibrate Your Body Healthy: Goga Studios Opens in Village at Mendota Heights

The workout facility features machines that use “whole body vibration” to provide myriad benefits, owner says.

It’s the ultimate American fitness solution: A “no-work workout” where you simply stand on a vibrating plate for 10 minutes, watching television or twiddling your thumbs, as nearly all your muscles tense and tighten and you become as fit and toned as a gym-built athlete.

That’s the theory behind Goga Studios—the name stands for “get on, get active”—which is opening its second Twin Cities location this Friday in The Village at Mendota Heights.

Chris Nyhus said she decided to open a franchise with her husband, Nick, after visiting the Goga Studios in their hometown of Woodbury.

“We were amazed at the results that people were getting and, after a month, the results that we got,” she said. “General overall health has improved with many, many people using the machine.”

The company’s “whole body vibration machines” are based on technology used by Soviet cosmonauts in the 1960s, Nyhus said. The regimen consists of a nine-minute workout mode followed by a one minute massage mode.

“During the workout mode the brain thinks for a nanosecond that you’re slipping or you’re falling and it adjusts your muscles to counteract that so you’re working 87 to 92 percent of the muscles so it makes it equivalent to one hour of resistance or core training,” she said.

Nyhus emphasized that the machines were not a replacement for aerobic activity.

Goga Studios, which also features an infrared sauna, costs $49 a month for unlimited access. It is located at 750 Main St. Ste #108. For more information visit gogastudios.com.


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