Best of Mendota Heights Craigslist: Thomas, Wooden Shoes

What's Mendota Heights selling on the web?

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In this feature, we take a look at selected Mendota Heights ads on craigslist. From the strange to the collectible to the helpful, we'll bring together these ads and more in a weekly post for you.

Thomas and friends battery operated riding train with track - $210

rechargeable battery-powered 6-volt train operates on track, carpet or hard surfaces with sounds from the Island of Sodor and a working headlight. Travels at 2 mph (on track or hard surfaces), features push-button "on-off" switch, ... 

Down-filled round chairs - $300
INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE!!!! Super large round, down-filled chairs. Each chair has 3 down pillows. The chairs easily hold 2 medium sized people or one small and one large! Very cozy and great to curl up in with a good book! 43"wide, 53" front to back and 3 feet in height. Original retail price was one thousand/ea.

HP Designjet 430 Monochrome 24" wide format plotter printer w/ roller - $300

Hewlett Packard 430 Designjet black and white plotter with a 24" roll on a stand. If you think 24" is too small and you think you need a 36" wide print, remember that you can turn the print (plot) and print it 36" long and 24" tall since this machine has a roller...
I replaced the belt on this one because the belts are the most common part to fail...so you won't have that happen. I also put the machine through all the calibrations and it prints very nicely. Clean and perfect lines. If you are looking for an easy to use black and white wide format plotter, this could be the one.
NOTE: This machine started life as a 450C Designjet, and that is a color machine, but this one only prints in black and white (grayscale). I have to assume that someone modified this plotter so that it can only print in black and white...however the color cartridges must remain installed, but they can even be empty. This is why this printer is about $100 less than the standard price for a refurbished machine of this type.
Why buy from me? Because I know the story behind the machine. I have fixed anything that needs fixing and checked all the calibrations. I will also give you a quick tutorial on how to use it and fix common problems. When you buy it from me, you know the belt is good for another 5 years at a minimum.
In answer to the 2nd most asked question: Yes, I will consider repairing your plotter for you, but you need to call me first and we'll chat and I'll do some troubleshooting over the phone and you might even be able to easily fix your plotter yourself...and that info is FREE!
Refurbishing HP plotters is my retirement hobby...so you know that every plotter I'm selling is in top notch shape. 


This is a 2.5 gal. water heater from GE (GE model # GE2P6A--lots of information about this unit online). Basically, this is what you mount under the sink in a part of the house distant from the main water heater so that you have instant hot water on those cold Minnesota mornings. It just sits on the shelf under the sink, is connected to the water supply and plugged in (110v--standard electrical outlet). We took it out due to redecorating. Unit is 14" tall, 93/4" in diameter. Needs new pressure relief valve but otherwise in mint condition. Product is UL listed.

Wooden Shoes for XMAS - $25

Antique wooden shoes. Ready for Kris Kringle.
Shoes are hand carved and the following inscription is hand painted in gold and black.

28 Xbox 360 Games - $150

28 Games, all have the manuals. All of them work. No scratches, etc.



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